History and goal of our association.

The Alcione association was started in Spain on the 4th of May 2007.

We borrowed the name of the star Alcione, Alcyone or Alcion. That is the brightest star amongst the Pleiades constellation and thus it has a special meaning.

In 2007, a group of people who for some years had been studying and practising together certain esoteric knowledge, decided to become organized as a cultural association with the aim of being another link of that huge chain that contributes to the spiritual improvement of humanity.


From 1999 we have been carrying out activities to disseminate the book ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’ written by the great researcher in esotericism V.M. Rabolu, with whom we had been studying for many years and from who we had learnt a great deal. He wrote this small book soon before his passing in the year 2000.

The impulse that led us to create the Alcione association was none other than the urge to contribute with our effort to spread the above mentioned work worldwide. We then decided to do it in a non-profit and altruistic way, knowing the extraordinary importance and urgency of its dissemination in these times of worldwide crisis and complete failure of ethical and moral principles.

With the birth of the Alcione Association we undertook campaigns of free dissemination of the book ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’. Since then, we have sent hundreds of thousands of copies to interested individuals and families in the five continents. Similarly, through those years we have received testimonials of gratitude from thousands of readers from all corners of the world.

With the passage of time, gradually people from different countries joined our dissemination task and nowadays we are all working alongside as a great family. We are united with the aim of showing humanity the future that is awaiting us, since as the author of the book wrote:

Since year 2000 the whole planet is in tragedy. It is not that life is going to end, but it truly begins to succumb. It is a process lasting years, but from 2000 we are all in tragedy…

V.M. Rabolú

Die gemeinnützige Organisation ist als Vertriebspartner mit der Verbreitung des Werks „Hercolobus oder roter Planet“ betraut.

Herausgeber: Ángel Prats
Verfasser: Joaquín Amórtegui Valbuena (V.M. Rabolú)

Der Alcione Verein ist im National Vereinsregister des Innenministeriums, Gruppe 1 Abschnitt 1, mit der nationalen Nummer 588698 registriert, und liegt in Paseo de los Pisones nº 6 – esc.2 – 6º C der Stadt Burgos (Spanien).