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The keys to our spiritual awakening, the inner work essential to our regeneration, are the technique of conscious astral projection, which allows us to discover the fifth dimension, and the technique known as the death of the ego, which allows us to eliminate all our defects, weaknesses and evil, the ultimate cause of both our misfortune and the sleeping of our consciousness.

About the author

V.M. Rabolú
V.M. Rabolú (1926 – 2000)

V.M. Rabolu was born in Tolima (Colombia). In 1952 he found the true Knowledge and through long years of esoteric practice he managed to develop extraordinary faculties that turned him into a spiritual guide who is renowned worldwide.

Aware of the future that is awaiting us, he was always devoted to teaching humanity the formulas for their own spiritual regeneration. Thus, from the 70s and always in an altruistic and unselfish way, he began a tireless task of public dissemination of the true Knowledge at international level through lectures, courses, congresses, etc.

In 1998 he wrote ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’. Based on his direct and conscious experience, V.M. Rabolu describes the terrible events that will happen on our planet in the short term and explains the path that the human being must follow in order to achieve a deep transformation. Nowadays, the statements contained in his work are recognized by a great number of readers who have benefited from his teachings in more than 80 countries.

V.M. Rabolu was one of those very rare people with Awakened Consciousness. His teachings are essential in these times when materialism and lack of values have become the distinct signs of an increasingly lost society.

I am not a fear-monger; I am a human being who is warning about what is coming and is going to happen.

V.M. Rabolú