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The keys to our spiritual awakening, the inner work essential to our regeneration, are the technique of conscious astral projection, which allows us to discover the fifth dimension, and the technique known as the death of the ego, which allows us to eliminate all our defects, weaknesses and evil, the ultimate cause of both our misfortune and the sleeping of our consciousness.


What is happening in the world of spirituality is shocking. It is something that does not happen in the fields of science, arts or any other branch of knowledge.

We have always had great spiritual masters whom we respect and admire because they reached a high level of consciousness and love for humanity. However, their teachings found a serious obstacle to their dissemination: that of their followers.


While a scientist’s pupils are devoted to investigate and prove, and an artist’s ones to create new works while putting into practice what they learnt, those who accept a spiritual doctrine are satisfied with becoming mere followers: ‘I follow Jesus of Nazareth and I call myself Christian’, ‘that person is our master and we are going to venerate him and disseminate his ideas’, etc.

Those followers are always contented with disseminating the teachings. They create churches and organizations but, with few exceptions, they do not put into practice the teachings that they have received. They are satisfied with storing them in their mind and are pleased to propagate them. That is the great tragedy in the world of spirituality.

Followers are people who dwell in the world of beliefs and that fact renders them incapable. We must stop being imitatus and must become adeptus: people with our own spiritual knowledge. In fact, that is the only reason worth living for.

If we observe our lives, we are all followers in a greater or lesser degree; we all have spiritual beliefs and we all lack experience in the spiritual field.

There are two types of knowledge: the doctrine of the mind and the doctrine of the heart.

The doctrine of the mind is for those who are contented with spiritual theories and beliefs. The doctrine of the heart is for those who put into practice the teachings that they receive and gradually experience them in themselves.

The vast majority of members from spiritual schools belong to the doctrine of the mind. Initiates and masters from the Universal White Brotherhood belong to the doctrine of the heart.

The mere followers hold changeable concepts because their knowledge only belongs to the intellect, which is something superficial and worthless. That knowledge strengthens the mind, and the mind is the refuge of desire: it thinks, analyses, draws conclusions and eventually is wrong. The mind will never get to know the Truth.

Those who thoroughly practise the teachings given to the world by the great Masters of Humanity will experience and develop spiritual capabilities unknown by the common man. Those people always listen to and heed the voice of the Internal Master. It is the doctrine of the heart that opens the doors to true wisdom.

It is pointless to believe or not to believe because human beings only know what they experience. Believers are and will continue being people with sleeping consciousness since nothing spiritual can grow inside them, due precisely to their conformism with beliefs.

It is necessary to leave beliefs and to struggle to live, to experience within ourselves the truths that were transmitted by the great Masters of humanity, the most important of them being the elimination of our weaknesses, defects and evil that every human being carries within. Without that elimination or death of our defects there will never be true transformation within us.

In the book ‘Hercolubus or Red Planet’ we can find the practical systems that allow any person to progress along the path of spiritual awakening or the awakening of consciousness. So important is the spiritual development in these times when great ordeals await this humanity, that from the Alcione Association we are sending this book absolutely free worldwide.

Remember this: it is necessary to awaken since time is coming to an end for this humanity, this civilization…


In this section, you can listen to V.M. Rabolu pronouncing the mantras for the astral projection, in order for you to know the proper pronunciation.